Poll question two : So what does this cost?

It was a tie really. The two most important questions to women. What do I wear, and how much will I spend? Obviously I can’t tell you what you will spend if you book with a different photographer, all I can tell you is what I charge.

First of all, there is the shoot, or sitting fee. Normally I charge $90.00 for a 3 hour shoot, or $45.00 for a 1 hour shoot.
However right now there are a few deals we are giving out right now. Till October 31st a 3 hour shoot is reduced to $65.00. On top of that facebook fans have an option of taking $20.00 off their sitting fee (or 15% of product and print orders) until the end of 2012. Now that would translate to a $45.00 sitting fee for a 3 hour shoot. That is half off the normal charge.

Specials for shoots will be often, so don’t forget to keep checking in to see what special offers and discounts we have to make your shoot even more affordable.

Now as far as product goes a full list of pricing is hard to just type out in a blog, so I will just give some examples of the “normal” purchases. These are “basic prices” (ie. not for metallic prints or any other “upgrades”, these are the prices for lustre prints only)

5×7’s are  $15.00      8×10’s are $20.00      11×14’s are $25.00     and 12×12’s are $25.00


A portrait cd with fully edited copies of your portraits is $150.00

An 8×10 hardcover book of your portraits with just the basics is $85.00

Playing cards (yes a deck of cards, they make great gifts for that special someone) is $20.00


Obviously this is not an exhaustive price list, but it will give you an idea of how much to budget for your upcoming boudoir shoot. If you have any questions about pricing, or are ready to plan your special day as a model, please email me at ourlittlesecretmt@yahoo.com.


Hmm…what shall I wear?

We hike the mountain of shirts, pants, skirts, bras, dresses, and countless shoes, making it to the peak completely breathless. Yet instead of jamming our flag pole into the ground and relishing the fact that we have overcome Mt. Shopping Spree, we loudly cry…”I have nothing to wear!” See men just don’t understand this concept fully. And as a bit of explanation to men, we say “I have nothing to wear” but when translated it truly means, “I don’t have the RIGHT thing to wear”.  This is why even though our closet doors are bulging and we have a separate room for shoes, we MUST go shopping for an event…any event. Wedding, Funeral, vacation, family reunion. You name it, we shop for it. So, I have to admit I am not the least bit shocked that the most pressing question on the poll was What do I wear. And I am sure most of the ladies who answered that way, grabbed their purse car keys and were waiting for a response so they knew which store to run to.

That being said, STOP. Put down your shopping supplies. Sit down for a moment and relax. Just breath. Now when I put down the answer “what do I wear” I have to admit it is a double question. I am not going to tell you to go to the lingerie store and grab lace and leather here, not that you can’t of course. But the way to really answer this question is to ask, Who am I? What do I love to do? What are my hobbies? What do I surround my self with? What makes me FEEL sexy (by the way, as a side note I didn’t say what do I think other people will find sexy, I said what makes YOU feel sexy). Believe it or not I am not trying to do a lingerie magazine…I am trying to capture…YOU. The whole boudoir shoot is about YOU. So sit down and write a list of your hobbies, loves, and anything important to you that you would like incorporated into the shoot.

“Do I consider myself sexy? I all depends on the way I’m feeling. When I’m happy inside, that’s when I feel most sexy.” – Anna Kournikova
Now that you are thinking about this in the context of Who am I” instead of “What do I wear” I will give you some ideas. These are inspiration though, not the rule, or what I think you should do. These are just to get your creative juices flowing.

Lingerie of course is awesome…Any lingerie. Now maybe you are thinking, but hey lingerie isn’t a hobby or anything. Well, I know some ladies, myself included, that it probably is a hobby by itself, but that isn’t what I mean. Have you ever put on a piece of lingerie that made you just feel sexy? I mean one of those little numbers that makes you stand up straight and all of a sudden you are a little minx instead of just the mommy, the wife, the student, ect. You are hot. I know for me it was thigh highs and garter belts. I don’t know why but they just make me feel like I’ve “got it”. When I discovered them I would just wear them to wear them. Under pants and everything. No one could see them, and it sounds so silly, but it would boost my confidence and I just loved wearing them. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY.


If your hobby is shoe collecting, bring your shoes…wear a pile of them. You love them, so why not?

Music- bring your instrument…trust me a guitar or keyboard can cover a lot…or a little depending on what you want. Bring a favorite band shirt. Whatever it is that you are into.

Sports- love football? bring a jersey. Rock climbing…your harnesses. Every sport has “accessories” and apparel to go with so bring them with you.

Cooking- aprons, baking dishes, flour. Really anything.

Painting or arts- bring some paints…an easel. A camera.

Obviously there are countless ideas and there is no way I could name everything. But anything you love to do there is a way to show it an bring it into your shoot.


You are your significant other in the military? Bring your uniforms (or theirs) metals, dog tags, or even an American flag.

Housewife- much like the cooking “apparel” except a way wider variety of “tools of the trade”

Doctor or nurse- bring your scrubs, stethoscope, anything involved.

Fireman or other public servant- Uniforms…Wow we all love uniforms

Business woman- snag a tie, briefcase, heck…post-it notes.

You really just have to think of who you are, and you will find you have an unlimited amount of the “right clothes”. There are just too many things to even list. But this will at least give you an idea of some creative ideas.

Now of course, the last subject…we mustn’t forget those accessories. Suspenders, ties, hats, jewelry, gloves, boas, sheets 🙂

Anything you love, bring it. I know this is the difficult part for women, but understand YOU are what makes you sexy.

I hope this answered some of your questions at least about what to wear. If you still have a few feel free to email me at ourlittlesecretmt@yahoo.com

Thank you ladies so much for joining in on this topic, and please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

What do you want to know?

A first Hello.

We, at Our Little Secret Photography, would like to say our first Hello to the blogging world. Why our first hello? Well, we decided we didn’t just want a business blog. So what would a photography business use a blog for then? This will be our hub of information that just didn’t seem right for facebook or a website. We will discuss the great places in Helena and surrounding areas to position your shoot, tips for how to prepare or how to stay “loose” and comfortable. Tips on creative clothing and theme ideas, and of course let you know what specials and events are up and coming. This is the place to really jump in on the discussion. Leave comments, ask questions, and enjoy the conversation. We hope to see you back here often.

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